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Lebohang Kganye   about / cv / press

Lebohang Kganye is an artist living and working in Johannesburg. Kganye received her introduction to photography at the Market Photo Workshop in 2009 and completed the Advanced Photography Programme in 2011. She forms a new generation of contemporary South African photographers.


Tell Tale. Film. Photography. Installation. 2018

Comissioned by Market Photo Workshop, this work is mainly inspired by Athol Fugard’s plays and was creatively conceived during the residency in Nieu Bethesda, SA. 


Ke sale teng. Film. 2017/
Reconstruction of a Family. 2016

Family photographs are more than just a documentation of events that have occurred, but a space for us to project what we can recall and perhaps a space to question and invent a new history. …


Ke Lefa Laka: Heir-story, Photo. 2013–2014/Pied Piper’s Voyage, Film. 2014/ BASA Awards Commission, Photo. 2014

The project documents my personal history and straddles generations of my mother’s family, it also resonates the history of South Africa, in that my family was uprooted and resettled because of apartheid laws and the amendment of land acts. …


Ke Lefa Laka: Her-story, Photo. 2013

My mother was my main link to our extended family and past, since we all now live in separate homes. Her death sparked the need to trace my ancestral roots and to locate myself in the wider family on some level and perhaps also to explore the possibility of keeping a connection with her. The idea of ‘the ghost’ started to emerge in my work.


B(l)ack to Fairy TailsPhoto. 2011

As a girl, I identified with fairy tale characters such as Snow White. Our annual primary school plays were about fairy tales, and I’d say, I’m Snow White and want to be her. My black skin and location became an increasing disjuncture with the fantasies I believed in. The elusive Snow White has given birth to a Snow Black