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:  Being a Photographer in Africa, the ten years of Afrique in Visu
   Éditions Clémentine de la Féronnière, 2017 (hard cover)
Sasol New Signatures, Catalogue, 2017 (soft cover)
:  Recent Histories: Contemporary African Photography and Video Art from
   the Walther Collection
, Steidl / The Walther Collection, 2017 (hard cover)
:  Platform Africa, Aperture Magazine #227, 2017 (soft cover)
ELSE Publication, Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne, 2016 (soft cover)
L’autre Continent Publication, Muséum du Havre, 2016 (hard cover)
 Telling Time, Bamako Encounters Biennale Publication,
   Kehrer Verlag, 2015 (hard cover)
 Eyes on, Eyes from Africa, Book on emerging photography,
   OFF the Wall Editions, 2015
:  My Joburg Publication, Fage, 2014 (soft cover)
Ke Lefa Laka, Tierney Fellowship Publication,
   Market Photo Workshop, 2013 (soft cover)
Apartheid and After Publication, Huis Marseille, 2013 (hard cover)

PRESS 2017






Being Her(e) – Group Show, Contemporary &, November 2017
:  Conversations on a bus: the 2017 sasol new signatures art competition
   in review, House and Leisure, October 2017
:  Who are we if not for those before us? A conversation with Lebohang Kganye,     Afripop!, October 2017
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   September 2017
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   CtLive, September 2017
:  Lizamore gallery opens window on a new generation of artists, Business Life
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:  Photographer/filmmaker Lebohang Kganye wins Sasol New Signatures 2017,
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   September 2017
:  Creating a new narrative for a 30-year legacy, Artslink, September 2017
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:  Young filmmaker captures judges, Herald Live, August 2017
:  Animated film by Lebohang Kganye wins Sasol New Signatures 2017, Art Blog,
   August 2017
:  Photographer/filmmaker Lebohang Kganye wins Sasol New Signatures 2017,
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   August 2017
:  Women’s Bodies Go Uncensored In This Very Real New Photo Collection,
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:  Review: Girl on Girl, The Mancunion, June 2017
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1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, New York Times, May 2016
Focusing on Photo Portraits at New York’s Contemporary African Art Fair,
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Book Review: Rencontres de Bamako ‘Telling Time’, Musee Magazine,
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8 projects asserting Contemporary African Art’s equal standing to unfold at
the Armory Show
, Artsy, February 2016
The Armory Show Special Projects: Time based Works and unexpected
African Art
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Contemporary African Art and 36 Countries exhibiting at the Armory Show 2016, Barnebys, February 2016
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Photographie: le jury des Rencontres de Bamako récompense l’audace,
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Mali: les Rencontres de Bamako, au-delà de la photo,
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London exhibition showcases a new generation of conceptual photographers from accross Africa, British Journal of Photography, June 2015
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100% Youth, SABC 1 Documentary, January 2015 (video)
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